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Issue 11

Issue 11

Table of Contents

Elizabeth R. Curry Poetry Contest Winners:


Millie Tullis


To the Reader Who Buys Every Fairy Tale
Kathleen Williamson

Honorable Mention,

Along the Lake Highway
Hope Jordan


Bubbe's Irish Wake
Deirdre Roche

Cut and Paste, or Neither
S. Frederic Liss

The Sorrows of Young Chainsaw Accident
Gunnar Jaeck

Alexander Todd and the Inexplicable Joys of Never Worrying About Anything Anymore Forever and Ever and Ever
Brian Mulligan

Emily K. Jones
I Found You In Your Eyes

Wedding Scrapbook
James M. Hilgartner

The Forbidden Fruit
Maxwell Morgan Ingram

Lise Marisol Quintana
Mary Sue


Facing the Fire
Yvette A. Schnoeker-Shorb

Nine Lives
Carolyn Kreiter-Foronda

Rogue Lightning
Emily Walling

I Worked in a Prison for Five Months
Ron Riekki

Nuclear Baby
Heath Brougher

Amber Graves of Rain
Brad G. Garber

Lost Count
Jack Cooper

the dummy visits the hospital
Matt Schumacher

Yet Another Piece of News on a Shitstorm Day Full of People Being Disappointing
Brian Baumgart

Carl Scharwath

Scopophobia: at me
Janice Majewski

Scared Moon
Erin Redfern

Found Poem II
Erin Redfern

Buy me a house on the mainline
Tom Pesatore

Steve Abbott

Trying to Decide If I Should Write a Poem About Suicide or Nature
Ron Riekki

Flotsam & Jetsam
Debka Colson

What the Rats Saw
Katharyn Howd Machan

What Said/Unsaid
Doug Bolling

Making Angels
Luke Bell

Just Once
Charles W. Brice

Send Something Back
Anne Marie Macari

Day Trip
Carole Stone

gestures toward a love poem
Charlotte Covey

Sunday Was
Stephen Massimilla

Benjamin Renne

Ghosts of the North Country
Richard King Perkins II

Sara Whitestone

Ruben Rodriguez

Courtney LeBlanc

Your Wife's Confessions
Marie Hartung

Harmeet Theme
Sandra Graff

Beacon, NY
Caitlin Thomson

Christmas Parade
Charles Farrell Thielman

Wulf Losee

Andrew Kozma

Breaking Out of the Frame
Vincent J. Tomeo

Burn Marks
Hannah L. Nelson

Simon Perchik

Simon Perchik

Simon Perchik

Passive Anger
John Grey

Morning: A Myth
Rebecca Macijeski

Aaron Anstett

David Potsubay

The Ice Man
Gary Kay

Kelly Talbot

One Presumption, Two Presumption
Susan Johnson

Reaching Baja from Points North
Jeffrey Alfier

Creative Nonfiction

Laurel DiGangi

Cycles of Rage and Confusion
Richard E. Smith

The End: A Meditation
Jesse Cole

The Nameless Girl
Susan E. Kelley

Like Dandelions
Deborah Thompson

Flat-Chested Chickens and Picasso Potatoes: Learning to Live With Food That's a Little...Different
Julie Castillo

Thanksgiving on the Bosphorus Hamams and Sacrificial Altars
Angela Smith Kirkman

Text & Image

Eatin' Out with Eddie
Mark Zingarelli